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Israel Folau, who made headlines during the week when he tweeted he does not condone same-sex marriage, scored a try in each half to set up the much-needed victory.

“In Chad, given the protracted situation of the majority of refugees and the recent influx of refugees and returnees, there is a pressing need to focus on enhanced livelihood opportunities and to provide assistance to newly arrived refugees and returnees as well as to their host communities.N’Djamena, Chad (13 January 2014) - Amidst recurring warnings that the Central African Republic (CAR) is heading for a humanitarian disaster, the volatile situation and the mounting humanitarian needs in CAR are gravely concerning, and require prompt and adequate response.CARE is also concerned, however, about the many needs of thousands of refugees and returnees in neighboring countries such as Chad, whose plight also should not be ignored, and is urging for more funding to provide continued and increased support.In fiscal year 2013, we worked in 86 countries, supporting 927 humanitarian aid and development projects to reach more than 97 million people.We carried out programs in the following 11 countries throughout West Africa: This is a story told to us by Ousmane Goulaka after he received training on gender and social transformation as part of CARE’s Pathways to Empowerment program in Mali.Vendors also list guides on how to commit other illegal activities.

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CARE is UNHCR’s key partner in Chad and one of the few humanitarian agencies to work in all five CAR refugee camps on the Chad-CAR border, providing access to shelter, water, sanitation and food.

In the past few days, CARE has also been the first agency to respond to the water, hygiene and sanitation needs of approximately 1,000 Chadian returnees finding shelter in the Goré transit camp, and is planning to reinforce its programmes in Sido, in areas of reproductive health, child protection and water and sanitation.

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But is it is not only the people of CAR who are fleeing their country.